DAO.vc made it into top-5 DeFi projects in Q4 2021.

Decentralized autonomous venture ecosystem DAO.vc has been awarded to be in the list of top-10 DeFi projects by International Business Time.

DAO.vc made to the 5th place of the rating of top-10 DeFi projects to watch in Q4 2021. It became possible due to successful tokensale rounds, product market adoption, and strict following the roadmap.

The last public tokensale ended on Sept, 5. More than 200 participants were screened by tokensale moderators and took part in it. There were more than three thousand orders from private investors all over the world in total.

“DAO.vc is proud to be in the top-5 impressive DeFi projects among other fantastic fellow blockchain professionals. We want to dedicate this to our community. We wouldn’t be where we are now without our community support.”, DAO.vc founder and CEO George Galoyan says.

The platform continues to evolve and develop according to the roadmap. DAO.vc governance token is now available on Uniswap and Pancakeswap. Listing at centralized exchanges is going to happen soon. Stay tuned.

The next development destinations are the acceleration of 10 out of 40 startups, social network launch, and venture capital marketplace launch. This is planned to be finished inb 2021.

“We are excited to learn what position we will receive at the next IB Times rating. For now on we have a lot of work to be done by the end of the year to continue being Top DeFi project to watch.”, George Galoyan added.

Company info:
DAO.vc is a decentralized autonomous venture ecosystem. It consists of a venture capital industry social network and marketplace, LaunchLab startup accelerator, freelance platform, and two pools — community pool and tokenized pool. Community pool funds venture startup acceleration. Tokenized pool funds blockchain startup acceleration.

First Full-legal Decentralized Autonomous Venture Ecosystem https://dao.vc