A small digest ahead of the launch …

For the last two months we have been preparing financial documents and performing point calculations of our financial model, monetization model and forecasting the fund’s activities.

Based on the results of this activity, we have prepared an extensive business plan with a full-fledged predictable planning of our operational and strategic activities!

As you know, we were one of the participants in the Blockchain-Life forum. During the forum, we received feedback from potential partners and many of them were worried about quite sensible questions “how much can I potentially earn?” And “on the basis of what data can you predict the growth of portfolio capitalization?” … It is in order to answer these two questions for ourselves in the first place and for future partners that we threw all our efforts into audit, analysis and financial forecasting.

As a result, we prepared a number of documents for our future partners to study, namely a financial model, a business plan, a pitchdeck and a one-page

In this regard, I can say that we have a value proposition ready for all potential partners of our decentralized autonomous venture partnership.

I would also like to note that we are not a public offering and do not openly offer anyone to be part of our partnership. Legally we are a special limited partnership with a limited number of partners. We decided to limit the number of partners to 100. According to the requirements of the regulator, the maximum amount of incoming funds from partners cannot exceed 2M € (otherwise we will be recognized as public fundraising), we are also obliged to know each of our partners (KYC / KYB) and enter the data each partner to the partnership registry. This register must be maintained by a third party company licensed to maintain such registers.

In connection with all of the above, we do not have the right to publish a business plan or other financial documents, I will send them in private messages to everyone who wishes to get acquainted with these documents by writing to me ( t.me/GeorgeG ) or any other member of the team in private messages, or to my personal mail. gg@dao.vc or to the general mail of the partnership info@dao.vc.

However, we can publish a pitchdeck and one-page, and I have attached our pitchdeck to our telegram community ( t.me/daovc_official )


In the near future we will restart our website, where there will be up-to-date information on those projects that have already been pre-approved in the LaunchLab startup laboratory
(After reviewing the financial documents, we will also send future partners information about the projects that have passed the initial selection).
Also, after launching updates on the site, you can go through the procedure for entering into a partnership automatically, without the help of a team or third parties (we use sumsub.com for KYC / KYB and mercuryo.io for online acquiring).

First Full-legal Decentralized Autonomous Venture Ecosystem https://dao.vc