Blockchain makes it possible to create a new type of organization that can operate autonomously, without being coordinated by any governing body.

This article is about what…

It is now possible to track the price dynamics and trading volume of the governance token DAOvc on the largest analytical resources

CoinMarketCap -
and CoinGecko -
To do this, just go to the DAOvc CMC and DAOvc CoinGecko token page.

Currently, the DAOvc token is ranked 4376 out of 11,873 available cryptocurrencies according to CoinMarketCap.

CoinGecko tracks the cryptocurrency trading volume as well as the price movement of the DAOvc token. So over the past 24 hours, the cost of DAOvc has increased by 1.8% and is $ 0.12 per piece.

Decentralized autonomous venture ecosystem has gained $1.2M during three rounds of governance tokensale. The last public tokensale ended on Sept, 5. More than 200 participants were screened by tokansale moderators and took part in it. …

For the last two months we have been preparing financial documents and performing point calculations of our financial model, monetization model and forecasting the fund’s activities.

Based on the results of this activity, we have prepared an extensive business plan with a full-fledged predictable planning of our operational and strategic…

The stories of capitalists successfully invested in cryptocurrencies or funded today’s billion-dollar startups are dazzling. Many people dream about investing money productively and enjoying passive income for the rest of their life. But it is a utopia to become an institutional investor for that.



First Full-legal Decentralized Autonomous Venture Ecosystem

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