40 startups applied to participate in the DAO.vc Launchlab acceleration program

Forty blockchain and IT startups have applied to participate in the LaunchLab accelerator, which is part of a DAO.vc decentralized autonomous venture ecosystem.
All received applications will be reviewed by experts and the most promising projects will be able to participate in the acceleration program.

A friendly reminder that the acceleration of classic venture startups is paid for from the funds of the community pool by a limited venture partnership registered in Luxembourg. Additionally, the participants of the community pool receive 10% capital of all projects and 10% of the success fee.

The acceleration of blockchain startups is paid for from the funds of the tokenized pool, and participants receive 10% of the tokens of all projects and 10% of the success fee.
Startups that have passed the LaunchLab acceleration program will be added to the DAO.vc startup marketplace and will be able to conduct crowdfunding campaigns to raise funds for further development.

Moreover, the DAO.vc undertakes all the work related to legal support, development and implementation of the marketing strategy and packaging of the project. The ecosystem also acts as a tokensale provider and helps to attract funds to startups.
Already today, the DAO.vc acted as a provider of the tokensale for the Hardcore Fighting Champioship, the largest fist Fighting League in Russia.

Please note that the owners of DAOVC government tokens will be able to participate in the selection of startups for acceleration and inclusion of tokens of such projects in the index pool- and will also be able to recommend startups for LaunchLab. You can purchase DAOVC government tokens at the open sales round, which starts on September 5th, or at the Uniswap decentralized platform. The auction will begin on Sunday, September 5th.

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