1.2 M was raised by DAO.vc

Decentralized autonomous venture ecosystem DAO.vc has gained $1.2M during three rounds of governance tokensale. The last public tokensale ended on Sept, 5. More than 200 participants were screened by tokansale moderators and took part in it. There were more than three thousand orders from private investors all over the world in total.

“DAO.vc was raised 1.2M. All funding goes to ecosystem development. By the end of the year, we’re going to accelerate 10 out of 40 startups, launch the social network and venture capital marketplace”, DAO.vc founder and CEO George Galoyan says.

DAOvc governance token was listed in two major decentralized exchanges (Uniswap and Pancakeswap) right after the public tokensale finished. Token’s price increased five times during the first hours after the listing.

“All the tokensale participants who did token purchase order but couldn’t win allocation can now buy DAOvc governance tokens at two decentralized exchange services. We plan to list our token at centralized exchanges soon”, George Galoyan added.

The company got $500k funding from Singapourian fund Altergate. Investments were used for the creation and development of the ecosystem.

DAO.vc is a decentralized autonomous venture ecosystem. It consists of a venture capital industry social network and marketplace, LaunchLab startup accelerator, freelance platform, and two pools — community pool and tokenized pool. Community pool funds venture startup acceleration. Tokenized pool funds blockchain startup acceleration.

First Full-legal Decentralized Autonomous Venture Ecosystem https://dao.vc